Hyperlinked networks

Supplementary material for

Jason Raymond and Daniel Segre', The effect of oxygen on biochemical networks and the evolution of complex life, Science (2006), 311, 1764-1767

NODES (metabolites): BLUE = generated in anoxic conditions ; RED = generated in oxic conditions
LINKS (reaction links): BLUE = anoxic ; GREEN = augmented ; RED = oxic

For detailed reaction information, see Reaction Database

Interactive Network
Clickable network, Layout 1
Clickable network, Layout 2


version 1

version 2

Clicking on the picture will open an interactive version of the network using the application VisANT (Hu, Z., Mellor, J., Wu, J. and DeLisi, C., Nucl. Acids Res. 2005 33: W352-W357 ). It is also possible to first run or download VisANT, and then open the  network XML file. Double clicking on a node will open a browser on the correposnding KEGG metabolite.
1. Click on figures to load large hyperlinked networks
2. When the mouse is located on a node, the corresponding KEGG ID# and metabolite name will be highlighted (in Internet Explorer)
3. Clicking on a node will open a new browser window, pointing to the full KEGG information for the corresponding metabolite

We are grateful to Zhenjun Hu and Joe Mellor for help with VisANT.